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Capri concierge services

I offer concierge services in the splendid gulf of Capri:

In Capri as in Costiera you can breathe the quietness and authenticity of the Italian vacation, if you are looking for a stay full of breathtaking landscapes and rich in food and wine history, these places are for you. If you love to stay and enjoy the summer in hotels and villas in the countryside, you are in the right place. Places of a thousand scenarios that follow each other along the coast and on the island of Capri, chic stores allow you to feel pampered among the streets of the island, luxury hotels and starred restaurants will meet your needs.

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Personal assistance a Capri

A service that guarantees you the utmost professionalism to meet your needs in every area, providing figures such as personal shopper, personal sports trainer and automotive concierge.

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Travel & transport

The Travel & Transport service offers you the opportunity to be able to enjoy the most exclusive travel experiences. I offer you the opportunity to be able to stay in accommodations that can be either villas in exclusive settings or hotels where you can breathe in the authenticity of the place, all while ensuring impeccable service and experiences. To make your stay even more unique, I offer the possibility of renting private jets, luxury cars, yachts, helicopters and the services of private chauffeurs, all of which will allow you to experience the wonderful island of Capri and the coastline in style.

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Restaurant Riccio Capri

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This service guarantees you can embark on a journey into the excellence of Mediterranean flavors and live a true culinary experience, going to discover the historic and exclusive restaurants that guarantee you the utmost privacy but also the true soul of the place.

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In these wonderful places you can also devote yourself to your well-being by discovering dreamy spas with breathtaking views, where inside you can undertake various paths where the main purpose is to relax and find new energy to enjoy your stay in these places to the fullest.

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