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Concierge service in Florence

Florence concierge: My figure is very much in line with Florence because thanks to my services I can be by your side in planning your romantic getaway, your family trip or a business trip. Let’s say my aim is to make you live your Italian dream and make sure you see a Florence with eyes not as a tourist but as a Florentine, immersing you in a city of unique beauty.

A city where you breathe art, fashion, design but also the love of food and good wine. Where past, present and future meet.

My knowledge of the area allows me to organize and advise you where to stay, where to enjoy the best Florentine cuisine, where you can go shopping and organize exclusive walks to the best museums in the world.

esperienze di lusso a firenze
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concierge in Florence

Personal assistance in Florence

Personal Assistance in Florence, I offer custom services for an exclusive experience, such as personal assistance to help you with your daily routine, or unforeseen events that may happen during your stay. From finding a personal trainer, to personal shopper for the perfect purchase at the best boutiques in Florence. I guarantee you an unforgettable service.

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Travel & transport

This service allows you to take advantage of my advice in order to better organize your trip, personally taking care of reservations in exclusive hotels, stays in historic residences in the heart of Florence, private tours, luxury car rentals, private transfers, chauffeur services and much more.
luxury hotel florence
luxury hotel florence

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I offer table reservation service in exclusive restaurants, catering service and private chefs at home all about Florence. Let me recommend the best restaurants in Florence and discover the wonders hidden behind the doors of Florentine palaces. My focus on quality and service allows me to guarantee you an experience that lives up to your expectations.

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If you are looking for a moment of relaxation during your stay, there is no need to worry I will know how to point you to the best urban spas in Florence, where you can relax and indulge in moments of peace and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After you can rest your mind, body and soul. If you need a hair stylist service before an evening or event I will know how to point you to the best spas.

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