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luxury management services: I offer personalized concierge services that make your life easier. With attention to detail, I help you cope with your daily activities, organize your work, and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest. I carefully choose qualified staff to take care of your everyday moments. In addition, I offer assistance in travel planning and much more.

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Each of us certainly has a desire to be able to devote more time to ourselves. How valuable it would be to have someone to help us catch up on that time and make our days more efficient and enjoyable at the same time.
Antonino Santamaria Concierge

ANTONINO SANTAMARIA luxury management services

Who I am

Sicilian by origin but adopted from Liguria for nine years , I am completing my studies in Nautical Engineering and for almost 5 years I have been working in an Underwater Robotics and Marine Technology company as Head control, Administration and General Affairs.

A highly qualified staff

I select a staff to match your needs who can take the best care of your everyday moments of your affections, help you plan trips and transfers, arrange your private or corporate events and access to the most exclusive ones.

lifestyle management services

luxury management services

These are some of the services I can offer you

My goal is to offer you customized services that go to make everyday life, special moments and travel carefree and to make sure they are lived to the fullest. By offering customized services, I help you simplify your daily activities, organize your work and enhance your leisure time.


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