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Concierge service in Dolomites

Let me take you on a spectacular journey in the Dolomites, using my concierge services that will make you fully enjoy your stay.

The most beautiful peaks in the world, also called the “Pale Mountains” (Unesco World Natural Heritage Site) always leave you breathless and constrain a cultural heritage all to be discovered and experienced.

If you want to plan a relaxing getaway at high altitude and immerse yourself in the alpine landscape, without sacrificing comfort and enjoy 5-star hospitality while staying up-to-date with the most exclusive facilities, thanks to my services designed tailored to your every need you can stay in the best Luxury retreats in the Dolomites.

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concierge service personal assistance

concierge in Dolomites

Personal assistance

Even at high altitude I offer Personal Assistance service, so you can organize your tracking sessions, climbing, ski tours and many other outdoor activities, this is possible by providing reliable mountain guides who know the area in its complexity. For other activities such as gym, yoga class I offer you the possibility to entrust them to the figure of a personal sports trainer who will help you stay in shape with customized training programs. I provide many other services customized according to your needs and with the goal always to guarantee you the utmost professionalism and tailor-made luxury experience.

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Travel & transport

Thanks to the services offered by Travel & Transport, I offer the possibility of being able to discover and experience the best Luxury retreats among the peaks of the Dolomites, including the possibility of reserving the best suite and luxury chalets in places where you can take refuge immersing yourself in the silence of the forest and admiring the scenic wonder that these places give. Another service made available to make your stay unique and unforgettable is the possibility of organizing helicopter transfers to reach your refuge, your favorite location or simply a private tour to admire from above the most beautiful peaks in the world.

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best restaurants in dolomites

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I offer table booking and personal chef services in the best restaurants that will allow you to be able to enjoy an exclusive food and wine experience that features local cuisine. Attention to quality ensures an unforgettable and authentic experience.

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I offer a customized service so that together we can design your relaxing stay and rediscover the most authentic emotions by taking advantage of the best Wellness areas, within facilities that blend Alpine tradition, luxury and unspoiled beauty.

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